Managed Services

A well-managed ICT infrastructure is essential for any organization and proper management requires the application of best practise in Cyber Security, Network & Database Administration, Application, Operating System, Network & hardware management, often each beyond the capabilities of many, Most managed services offers you to reduce in-house ICT overheads by providing professionals to maintain and manage your infrastructure.

Unlike most other operators who mostly are phoenixed entities that have managed to scrape a couple of level one technicians (who are still grappling to install a simple program on your PC) and pass on your precious systems and data to the actual operators of their India based Network Operation Centres (NOC) our Managers and Engineers and Technician have Academic, Professional and Vendor qualifications and a minimum of five (05) years experience.

Amante Technologies maintains a local NOC in each country they operate and do not offshore any of their operations or cloud services which makes us one of the few capable leaders in the MSP industry that can ensure your precious data and systems are access only by authorized engineers and technicians under the protection of local laws.